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At Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates, we know how inconvenient and unsafe a faulty garage door spring can be. That is why we offer efficient and responsive 24-hour garage door repair services for homeowners and business owners across Hollywood. Our service technicians are highly experienced and trained to handle all kinds of repair need, for any make or model of garage door. We will arrive at your location quickly and start recognizing repair needs and suggesting affordable solutions whenever you call us for emergency services. We only utilize the highest-quality parts and equipment to make sure that your repairs are dependable and long-lasting.

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From our reliable and certified professionals to our experienced management team, we are dedicated to offering you with high-quality work. All of our services are affordable. Contact Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates whenever you want it done right! At our company, we have a goal. That is to establish superiority in the garage door industry by providing high-quality workmanship, prompt, courteous, and quality garage door products. To be the best, we must maintain our level of standards that is the benchmark in our industry. 

What Are The Reasons For A Garage Door Broken Spring?


Whenever it comes to garage door maintenance, one of the most common issues homeowners and business owners face is garage door spring failure. The garage spring is accountable for supporting the whole weight of the garage door as it closes and opens. This means that it is carrying several hundred pounds of pressure on some door models. To help keep them in excellent shape for years, you have to keep your springs well-maintained. However, if you neglecting them, it will generate issues that eventually require a garage door spring replacement.

Wear and Tear

Garage door springs aren’t manufactured to last endlessly. Even the most flexible and durable steel spring will warp and deform eventually as time goes by.

Bad Maintenance

A well-maintained and properly balanced garage door will last for a lot of years. However, bad maintenance might result in more harm than good. Hire a professional garage door company to inspect your door ever year. This is especially true during the winter. This is because this is usually the time when springs fail most often.


Even the most flexible and toughest garage door springs can by broken by rust. It deteriorates the steel coil’s core while increasing friction. Because of that, it will snap the spring in half eventually. A proper maintenance routine for reducing buildup of rust should include spraying the coil with a lubricant at least once a month. This lubricant will stop rust from building up and keeps the spring smoothly working.

Types of Springs

Extension Springs

Typically, it is placed above the upper horizontal tracks on both sides of the door. They’re the most popular type of garage door spring. These springs extend in order to open the door. This offers offsetting force to support the door. Every extension spring should be combined with safety cables. This will stop the extension spring from becoming a projectile whenever the spring, cable or bottom bracket fails. These occasions can happen at any time while the door is in motion, closed, or open. Safety cables must be installed on every extension spring door.

Torsion Springs

To raise garage doors, torsion springs utilize torque, unlike extension springs where it “extend” or “stretch”. It is located above the garage opening. It coils and twists slowly on the shafts whenever force are applied. Torsion springs come in a huge range of choices. This includes different wire lengths and sizes. These differences are specifically calculated depending on your garage door weight, height, track radius and more.

We Specialize In All Kinds of Garage Door Spring Repair and Replacements

At Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates, we can expertly and quickly fix or replace any kind of garage door spring system you might have. Our highly trained technicians know how to replace and remove safely all kinds of garage door spring without causing property or personal injury. For all of our garage door spring replacements needs, do not hesitate to contact Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates. We only use the highest-quality spring products to make sure you receive lasting dependability and performance.

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For all your garage door spring needs, look no further than Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates. Please contact us immediately if you require immediate help. We’ve got professionals on-call for all of your emergency garage door service needs. With a lot of years of combined experience and knowledge in the garage door industry, Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates is your best option for garage doors spring repair and replacement services. 

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