Garage door sensors are safety tools that you can find in just about every new garage system. They are usually using a photoelectric eye placed about 6′′ from the floor. Also, these devices have a role to play in ensuring that your garage door will not accidentally close on your car, kids, or dogs.

To check if your detector is functioning correctly, put a roll of paper towels in front of the sensor. If your garage door doesn’t stop until the sheets are crushed, it may be time to make an appointment with Feliz Garage Doors and Gates.

What are Garage Door Sensors?


Safety sensors are designed to avoid incidents triggered by automatic garage doors that have caused significant damage to vehicles, injuries, and deaths to both humans and animals. They are part of the motorized garage door system. Since 1993, these safety sensors have been legally mandated.

The standard model of the sensor is mechanical, in which a changing garage door turns due to physical contact with a device. However, photoelectric sensors have become more common. They are using an infrared beam. Also, they are approximately 6 inches above the ground, and two sensors are adjusted and positioned on either side of the door. Thus, a kind of hidden tripwire is formed. At that level, even a vehicle tire can be identified. All garage door sensors operate in the same way and fulfill the same function.

Importance of Garage Door Sensor Repairs


Garage door sensors have been in use for years. They play a vital part in the program as a whole, and they have come a long way in recent years. Often forgotten, it is essential to understand the critical function of garage door sensors and why it is essential to ensure that they are working correctly.

Garage door sensors are practically the “eyes” of your garage door. They function as a kind of surveillance and look out for any object, individual, or thing that might prevent your door from opening or closing. The sensors are highlighted in pairs and use beams that move from one detector to another sensor. This beam, when damaged, indicates to the door that it does not close entirely because someone or something is in the way.

Additionally, sensors may prevent the garage door from closing on a vehicle or other heavy object that may not only harm the thing being destroyed but may also damage the garage door.

Sensors provide protection and safety. Therefore, you must carry out regular maintenance on your garage door and all its elements to secure that everything is functioning correctly. Today, it is essential for your sensors that they are monitored and examined for dust, dirt, and ruins, and that they are regularly cleaned off with a soft cloth.

To solve this, you should verify to see if the braces keeping your sensors in place have any screws loose and fix them. If the console itself needs to be adjusted, bend the bracket until the sensors are in line with each other.

Signs of a Defective or Damaged Garage Door Sensor


Garage door sensors have also been integrated into functions to let you know there’s a problem. Dirt sensors, misalignments, or defective components can trigger a malfunction in the sensors. Nevertheless, you should remove the detector from the position if anything bumps into it. Also, the impact may harm the connected wires, while movements from the garage door and direct sunlight can affect it. Consequently, the door can function erratically.

If the sensor crashes, the door can unexpectedly stop and reverse for no particular reason, open but not close, or the light can reflect on the detector. When the sensor eye is covered with dirt, generally, all you need is a soft, clean cloth. Misalignments can be fixed by moving the sensors back into position or by tightening the screws of the bracket, maintaining the device in place.

If you want to try and repair the sensor on your own, make sure the place is shaded and cut the power from the sensors. If you suspect a wiring problem, call a technician. You may not be able to access the wiring within the sensor housing; only a professional may know how to fix this issue properly, and a replacement of the sensor system may be needed.

Types of Garage Door Sensors

Many sophisticated sensors are used in all garage doors. These high-level detectors use signs or other means to let the garage door know what to do and what to do. However, there are four different types of sensors that allow all garage doors to operate correctly. These sensors are available:

Safety sensors

These sensors are attached to the rails on both sides of the garage door. They are intended to block the garage door from closing on bikes, vehicles, or anything that moves in and out of the garage. The sensors connect using infrared beams and allow the door to stop and change direction if anything obstructs the rays. These sensors operate by detecting something still lying or if anything unexpectedly crosses the path of the beams.

Pressure sensors

These sensors are built and placed along the bottom edge of the garage door. The pressure sensors interrupt and reverse the door’s downward closing motion when it comes into contact with another item. These sensors are designed to identify even low levels of pressure, offering protection against the door closing on top of someone or something!

Monitoring sensors

These monitoring sensors are designed for homes with many different garage doors. They warn owners whenever their doors are open. Also, these operate with detectors placed inside the house or with an app installed on smartphones. In some situations, these sensors are capable of closing the door remotely or can be set up to close after a specific amount of time. Some people use these sensors as a security measure to avoid invaders from entering the house.

CO2 sensors

Carbon dioxide sensors are continuously operating to control the levels of toxic gas inside the garage and to check if the levels are incredibly high. Such sensors are not so popular in garages, but they can help to keep your pets and loved ones safe.

It all boils down those sensors are essential for the smooth functioning of garage doors and the safety of people living in the house. Thus, you can seek the assistance of Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates best garage door repair service to fix and repair sensor issues as soon as you find any.

Our high-quality Garage Door Sensor Repair and Replacement

Our garage door experts are qualified to fix all sorts of problems, including safety sensor problems. We know how garage door safety sensors operate and can diagnose simple issues and quickly fix them. If new parts are needed, we’re going to replace them for you.

We strongly recommend hiring a specialist for the repair of garage door sensors. If you begin to find that your sensors are constantly malfunctioning, you can turn to our professionals for more repairs. Thousands of non-professionals are hurt every year by attempting to patch damaged garage doors. If you are unfamiliar with fixing the sensors, don’t put yourself in a possibly fatal-threatening situation. In this regard, you can contact our specialists to conduct a quick, efficient repair on your behalf.

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