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Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates offers all kinds of commercial garage doors services for your commercial garage needs. We provide a huge variety of these and other commercial doors, as well as components and commercial door operators. Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates include installation and commercial door repair in Hollywood. Contact Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates today to talk about how we can meet the needs of your commercial establishment. Our highly experienced technicians are here to help.

24 Hour Emergency Service


Every single one of us loves the convenience of arriving at our house and hitting a button that promptly opens your garage door. This convenience is taken away and poses a security threat if your garage door opener isn’t working properly. You’ve got to get out of your running car, in all kinds of weather to open the door manually. Whenever you contact the professionals at Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates in Hollywood, you do not have to worry about this issue. We’ve got a team of professionals who can rapidly diagnose any issues with your garage door opener and get it 100% working again. We all know that these emergencies occur when we least expect it. That is why we are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. 

What Services We Offer?


Spring Repair

Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates specializes in the replacement and repair of broken overhead garage door springs. We repair and replace a lot of broken garage door springs. Because of that, we know how to effectively and safely get your garage door working again. We still deliver low prices with high quality and get you solid springs that last. Contact Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates today for the best garage door spring repair Hollywood.  

Cable Repair

Even if your springs are in excellent condition, the cables can become damaged, worn or weakened with regular use. You might notice that your door becomes stuck or is lopsided on one end whenever your garage door cables are damaged. If you aren’t sure if your garage door cables require replacement or repair, call the professionals at Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates to check your system and suggest the next steps.

Roller Repair

Our technicians are specialized experts that are skilled in every single thing. This includes door rollers. Do not risk worsening the issue and potentially injuring yourself. Let the professionals at Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates take care of you and your door.

Track Repair

Sometimes, damaged garage door tracks are noticeable by loud, noisy door actions or shaking door motions while moving close and open. Having one of our experts check your tracks can avoid garage door damage in the future and the need for expensive repairs. We will check your broken tracks and can either suggest quick repairs or replacement options.

Opener Repair

With many years of experience and knowledge in garage door openers, Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates is the leading choice for garage door services in Hollywood. We repair garage door openers from leading brands and have years of experience commercial garage door services.We will closely work with you to look for tailored solutions that fit your day-to-day garage door budget and needs.

Hoist Repair

With a warehouse of garage doors and garage door parts, Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates can repair and service garage door hoist. Also, install a replacement component with a full warranty if the hoist is severely damaged.

Overhead Doors

Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates is experienced in garage doors repairs. We’ve been operating the business successfully in for a lot of years. We have offered excellent repair and service on all makes and models of overhead doors.

Rolling Steel Doors

Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates is the leading company to service rolling doors. We offer a full variety of commercial rolling doors. With many years of experience, our services are the premier choice for hassle-free performance, reliability, and durability for rolling doors.

Rollup Truck Door Repair

You can rest easy knowing that whenever you’ve got a rollup truck door issue, Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates is here to help. With true attention to detail and an outside-the-box method to service and repairs, Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates is the ideal choice for all rollup truck door needs.

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Los Feliz Garage Doors and Gates can handle the task, whether you require your commercial garage door repaired or replaced. We can repair commercial garage doors. Our technicians have a lot of experience, and they are available 24/7 for your convenience. 

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